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Anyhow, just curious whether anybody has any thoughts, or to hear whatever tangents this brings to mind... As far as geometry, BMX freestyle bikes have gotten steeper and steeper top tubes, shorter seat tubes, and much shorter chain and seat stays..translates into a front end that feels hher, and a CG that feels more under your knees instead of out in front of them.

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For a resto mod version of a late 80s/early 90s BMX bike, Id look at a set of real double wall 48 spoke wheels. For a more modern wheel, look at some BFRs or the like. Makes it easier to pull up/manual, and gives you more control/stability in the air.

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Okay, for better or worse I was fixated on a Dyno (Compe II? This is also one of the items that brought the term "resto-mod" to mind. Skyway even makes their utility wheels set up for discs. I use pegs on the axles if the frame and fork work with them, but at this point I'd probably just be jumping curbs, trying to learn that endo and front wheel hop, and maybe taking it to The Lumberyard (where I'd lame around on the "bunny slope" stuff...) What are the geometric differences between an old "race" bike, a freestyle bike, and a modern street/jump BMX bike? What comes closest to general-riding useful for a 6', 190lb 42-year-old? A Dyno VFR was real common as a hand me down at that time when you couldnt afford one of those I mentioned above.

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And then there were a bunch of other bikes I drooled on, of course. But I can't shake the desire for a 20" wheel, '80s-tastic ride. Which raises a question: Was there ever a brake that worked with these things? I don't need all the flatland add-ons that I was so enamored of in '85. Other b hitters of that day were GT Fueler, S&M Holmes, redline was still doing things back then too.

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