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If you are running Windows XP SP2 on your home computer, notebook, or small network, and you have questions about Windows XP SP2, please visit the following Microsoft Web site: Clearly, Microsoft would prefer if I not pursue this line of inquiry, but I am not one to easily accept that I'm not able to handle the role of an "IT Professional," so I searched the page for "DVD" and found: "This issue occurs because the Universal Disc Format driver, Udfs.sys, tries to read the DVD-RW disc by using a packet length of 32 blocks instead of by using a packet length of 16 blocks.

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CD-RW uses a packet length of 32 blocks, but DVD-RW uses a packet length of 16 blocks. This certainly could account for exactly the problem I was having (wouldn't read any DVD, whether commercial, homemade data, or blank.

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But the resolution offered was to upgrade to the latest service pack, and, as I've said, I keep my computer up-to-date using automatic update.

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This brought me to an Advanced Search results page, with a few things near the top that didn't look especially relevant, so I searched the results on that page for "dvd." I found this entry on the list: a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles that describe the fixes and updates that are contained in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Toshiba rd-xs24 service manual:

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