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All Terrain Manual Wheelchair for rugged evironments

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As far as weht classes are concerned, wheelchairs are classified into the following weht categories: Ultra Lhtweht 14 to 28 lbs., Lhtweht 29 to 34 lbs., and Standard 35 lbs. Your level and type of injury, your age, your body type, and your endurance are important issues to consider when shopping for a wheelchair.

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All Terrain Wheelchairs - Motorised and Off Road Wheelchair.

Consult with professionals like physical and occupational therapists.

Uk all terrain wheelchairs

That's our motto, and our goal is to help you push yourself by pairing our unparalleled experience with your drive and determination to push as far as you could want to go! Whether you are looking for an ultra lht weht wheelchair or an everyday wheelchair, Sportaid's price and selection are rivaled only by our customer service, and we want you to feel like a winner everytime.

All terrain manual wheelchairs uk:

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