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According to D&D lore, the owlbear is “of unknown orin” and “probably a wizard’s experiment” and all the players look at each other and nod sagely and go “yup, drunk wizard.” Unfortunately, the howler wasp does not have that excuse.

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We Maybe he should have stuck to his garden, because he had the lowest wisdom score out of all the wizards in the Circle. Where do they get enough paper to build giant hives? It’s dark inside, perhaps overgrown with vines or fungus, old books rotting beside trees like the ones their pages once were.

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Not surprisingly, his creation was a complete failure. Now monkey bees terrorize the wilderness, sticking to forests and warm climates, where they build nests out of “paper, dried leaves, and skins of dead animals.” Lovely. Well, the indicates that they prefer to nest in abandoned buildings, especially libraries and temples, where they can find lots of paper.

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It turned out that the monkey bees did not distinguish between friend and foe, which made things a little awkward whenever Otiluke had other members of the Circle over for tea. But before he could get around to it, his enemies attacked his tower.

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