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When the residents are on and must accession these cases over the weekend, they must accession the patient name and UNOS number under tissue source. - Inflammation: - Liver inflammation scoring for HBV or HCV donors (scale 0-4): []. - [] KIDNEY DONOR TEMPLATE FS[1] ([A]) [Rht/Left] kidney, donor biopsy: Number of glomeruli: [] Number of sclerosed glomeruli: [] Percentage of sclerosed glomeruli: [] Will a permanent section be performed? Example Colon, polypectomy: Sessile serrated adenoma; see comment. Example Review of slides from Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Martinez, CA: 02: SU123, 8/25/2002 A. Focal periductal lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate and periductal fibrosis; see comment. 05MS-1234, 1/25/05 Lung, needle biopsy: Malnant epithelioid neoplasm most compatible with epithelioid mesothelioma.

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TELEPHONE DICTATION INSTRUCTIONS For assistance, Jean Louie-Wong at 476-4144 DIAL: 353-3400 Enter your dictation ID, followed by # key. ER/PR/HER2 or MMR results), but (such as tissue fixation time for outside breast specimens) Example: Immunohistochemistry on S18-2534 from Memorial Hospital, Carmel, CA: Rht breast tumor (block A4), immunohistochemistry: -Estrogen receptor: positive. Comment: Immunohistochemical tests for estrogen and progesterone receptors were performed by manual morphometry on the submitted block A4. There is moderate nuclear staining in about 50% of tumor cells. Note: Until you learn the proper format for typing in micros, do not type them in yourselves. If more than one section is being dictated, please dictate the sections in the following order: Do not combine field dictations when dictating autopsies. If you want to dictate another field, sn on with a new dictation.

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Use the official UCSF IHC reporting template that would be used for inhouse cases (e.g. There is weak nuclear staining in about 75% of tumor cells. Be sure that the transcriptionist can clearly understand that this is an Autopsy Report, not a Surgical Pathology report.

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Report the major stain result in the Final Diagnosis and the details in the Comment section.

Manual of grossing autopsy specimens:

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