Electrix filter factory manual pdf

Filter Manual-V1.1 E - Polynominal

PREAMPS AND EQ’s (2) Neve 1073 mic/line preamps w/EQ (8) Neumann mic/line preamps V476B1 Avalon VT-737sp mic pre/eq/comp w/Groove Tubes Avalon VT-747sp Class A Program Eqw/Groove Tubes Groove Tubes Vi Pre GML Model 8200 Parametric EQ (2) Pultec MEQ-5 360 Systems Parametric EQ Moog Ten Band Graphic EQ Moog Three Band Parametric EQ Moog Modular expanded 55 & 15 MICROPHONES Neuman U-67 tube Neuman U-87 Neuman U-87 Stephen Paul Mod AKG “The Tube” David Royer C-12 Mod AKG C451EB w/cardiod & omni capsules AKG C452EB w/cardiod & omni capsules (2) AKG C414 (2) AKG D202 Sennheiser 421 (4)Shure SM-57 (5)Shure SM-58 Audio-ca 2500 Dual Diaphram (2) Electrovoice 635A (2) Sony ECM-55B TRAM TR-50L (2) Crown PZM (2) Studio Projects B-1 Groove Tubes GT 55 Class A FET Groove Tubes GT 67 Class A FET Groove Tubes GT 67 Tube REVERBS, DDL’s & EFFECTS (2)Eventide H3000SE dital reverbs Quantec Room Simulator Lexicon PCM70 dital reverb Lexicon CP-3 7.1 dital reverb Lexicon Core 2 dital reverb (2) Yamaha Rev-5 dital reverb/effects Yamaha Rev-7 dital reverb/effects Yamaha SPX-1000 dital reverb/effects Lexicon Primetime dital delay (2) Roland SRV-2000 (3)Roland SDE 3000 dital delay Roland SRV-330 dimensional reverb Roland SDX-330 dimensional effects (2) Roland “Dimension D” Roland SBF-325 Stereo Flanger (2) Korg A1 Performance Snal Processor Marshall Time Modulator Model 5002 “A” System oland SRE-555 Chorus Echo (3)Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo DBX 120X-DS Sub Harmonic Synthesizer (2) Dynachor CLS 222 Rotating Speaker Simulator (2) Dyno My Piano 618 Tri-stereo Chorus Dytronics CS-5 Tri-stereo Chorus Barcus Berry BBE 802 Orban Stereo Synthesizer TC Electronics 1210 Spatial Expander/Chorus/Flanger AKG BX10 stereo spring everb (2) Eco Plate stereo plate reverbs Tapco 4400 stereo spring reverb Electrix Filter Factory Electrix Mo-FX Electrix Warp Factory Electrix EQ er MXR Pitch Transposer MXR Pitch-Shift Doubler Mutron Bi-Phase Moog Ten Band Graphic EQ Moog Three Band Parametric EQ Moog Four Band String FIlter Formula Sound (Bob Moog)- 34 Band Stereo Multiple Resonance Filter Array (2) Nyle Steiner String Filter LIMITERS/COMPRESSORS/GATES (1)UREI 1176LN Blue Face (1)DBX 165 (1)DBX 161 (2)DBX 160x (2)DBX 902 De-esser Avalon VT-737sp mic pre/eq/comp w/Groove Tubes Avalon VT-747sp Class A Program Eqw/Groove Tubes (2)Inovonics Model 201 Limiter (2)Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor (4)Kepex noisegates (2)Drawmer DS-201 stereo expander/noise gate NOISE REDUCTION (48 ch) Dolby SRXP Dolby A Model 361 w/CAT 22 Module (8 ch) DBX DX-40 (8 ch) DBX DX-8 (2 ch) Dolby AN-60 SYNCHRONIZATION (3) Lynx Synchronizer Modules (3) Di Desn Sync I/O Video Black Burst House Sync w/DA INSTRUMENTS Yamaha C7F Diskclavier grand piano with MIDI Steinway ‘B’ grand piano Jim Wilson Gibson Les Paul -Mid 70’s Fender Strat- Mid 70’s Fender Precision Bass -Mid 70’s Ovation- Acoustic w/stereo bridge pickup Gibson- Acoustic Epiphone- Acoustic Yamaha- Acoustic (2)Gretsch Drum kits Ludw Drum kit Pearl Drum kit Misc.

Download Owners Manual for Electrix Filter Queen - NoiseFX

The Electrix Filter Factory is an analog piece of outboard gear that has 1/4 inch connections as well as MIDI connections.

Owners <i>Manual</i> V1 - Home - Florian Anwander

User reviews Electrix Filter Factory - Audiofanzine

I haven't seen the manual for the Electrix Filter Factory, so I can't say how well put together it is or not.

POD HD Model Gallery - Line 6

The are sections for buzz, stereo filter, and LFO, each with own parameters - and there are a good amount of them.

Electrix filter factory manual pdf:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates