Mile manual hub installation

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Some factory hubs are installed with locking cones, whichcan be difficult to remove. Do not drive on hard surface roads inthis mode, it can result in severe torque wind-up in the gear train.

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Two methods to dislodge the locking cones are: 1) Place a socket slhtly larger than the cone againstthe hub flange and rap sharply with a hammer. Caution Do not move the vehicle if the control dials areanywhere between "Free" and "Lock". Driving with only one hub engaged can cause damage to the front differential.

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2) Place a brass punch on the end of the stud and rap sharplywith a hammer. Prepare Wheel End Toyota conversion from automatic to manual hubs requires Warn conversion kit P/N 29918. Donot attempt to drive the vehicle with the hubs in the "Free" position andthe transfer case in the low range mode.

Manual Warn Hubs Installation Instructions - Drivetrain

Verify that wheel bearing adjustment is correct andthat the lock nut is thtened to the vehicle manufacture's specification. Install Warn Hubs As Follows Note: Warn Hubs are assembled at the factory with the properamount of grease. This can place excessive torque on the reardrive train.

Mile manual hub installation:

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