Mile manual hub installation

Mile Marker Manual Locking Hubs - Low Range Off Road

Operating Instructions Set both hub control dials to "Free" andthe transfer case selector to "2WD" for free wheeling tow wheel drive.

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Install washers and boltsper charts below Install flat washers, split washers & bolts/studs Nissan Torque to 18-25 ft. To engage four wheel drive, set both hubs control dials to "Lock"and move the transfer case selector to 4WD.

<strong>Manual</strong> Warn <strong>Hubs</strong> <strong>Installation</strong> Instructions - Drivetrain

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Install Flat/split washers & orinal nuts/bolts removedearlier Toyota/Suzuki/GEO Torque to 18-25 ft. Use the "Free" position for all driving that does not require four wheeltraction.

DitalEQTM Receiver Hub Product Installation Manual Models NV.

Some factory hubs are installed with locking cones, whichcan be difficult to remove. Do not drive on hard surface roads inthis mode, it can result in severe torque wind-up in the gear train.

Mile manual hub installation:

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