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I did some research and studied how to replace it on my own, but I found the instructions to be lacking and found that it doesn't always correspond with my setup. Don't forget to do the next step with remove the white thing before you put the new laser on the rod. Unscrew the white laser slider to put on your replacement laser. Unscrew the silver bumper from side of the old laser to put onto the new laser. Put in the new laser and go backwards and you are set!

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So be advised that as its an 80GB Motorstorm Bundle setup. You will (7-1) unplug the power cord on the side of it and (7-2) unsnap the cable on the bottom of it. Next step is to remove the circled screws only in order to remove the casing on the drive. Next there are 7 screws you will have to unscrew in order to get to the laser to open it up. After following my steps and replacing the laser, my PS3 is working just like it did before.

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Though the differences were small and you can just use common sense to determine what to do where my manual may not cover. Next there are a series of screws that are clearly labeled on your PS3 with small arrows pointing to them. (Reason why I say this is because there isn't any manual out there that points this part out and when I did it on my own, I pulled it really hard and it just snapped out.) There is a cable connecting the top part to the bottom part in which you lift the black connector up to unsnap it. Side Note: Now is the last opportunity to make sure you do not have a disc in the drive, so take note and be 100% sure there isn't one as it could potential cause long term damage to your PS3. It plays Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, and SACD (though depending upon your model of PS3 (not laser), your PS3 may not play SACD so please consult your PS3 first before determining this factor).

Sony Playstation 3 Review Dital Trends

Instead of explaining my whole ordeal, lets just say that I needed to order a new laser and replace it myself in order to save money and time.

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