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Insert the other pin into the hole forward toward the port side, as shown. Lift the plate into place against the intermediate housing with the locating pins indexing with the holes in the intermediate housing. On the five bolt model, one of the five bolts is shorter than the other four.

Boatinfo - 1984-1996 Yamaha Service Manual

Insert one pin into the last hole aft on the topside of the plate. The manufacturer recommends no sealant be used on either side of the water pump gaskets. Now, slide the outer gasket (the gasket with the large center hole) over the driveshaft. Rotate the insert cartridge counterclockwise over the impeller to tuck in the impeller vanes. On some models, two different length bolts are used at this location.

Boatinfo - 1984-1996 Yamaha <strong>Service</strong> <strong>Manual</strong>

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Check to be sure the indexing notch of the impeller hub is intact and will not allow the impeller to slip. Identify the two small locating pins used to index the large thick adaptor plate to the intermediate housing. Fit the two locating pins into the holes of the spacer. Slide the inner water pump gasket (the gasket with two curved openings) over the drives haft. Slide the steel plate down over the driveshaft with the tangs on the plate facing downward and with the holes in the plate indexed over the two locating pins. Check to be sure the tangs on the plate fit into the two curved openings of the gasket beneath the plate. Slide the water pump impeller over the drives haft with the rubber membrane on the top side and the keyway in the impeller indexed over the Woodruff key. Coat the impeller blades with Yamalube Grease or equivalent water resistant lubricant. Install the insert cartridge, the inner plate and finally the water pump housing over the drives haft. Naturally, it follows logiy that if the boat tends to pull to port, you should bend the fins toward the port side.

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Check the upper, lower and ends of the impeller vanes for grooves, cracking and wear. This count will be reed later during assembly to properly install the jet impeller. Place the aluminum spacer over the drives haft with the two holes for the indexing pins facing upward. Just a dab of grease on the key will help to hold the key in place. (1.5mm) toward the starboard side of the jet drive.

V max 600 le service manual:

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