Mercury grand marquis manual 2002

Mercury Grand Marquis Owners Manual Book Set - Pinterest

Step 2: Insert the square peg of the 3/8 drive ratchet handle into the opening on the belt tensioner.

Mercury Grand Marquis Repair Manual - Service Manual - Chilton.

Turn the tensioner CLOCKWISE, releasing the tension on the belt.

<strong>Mercury</strong> <strong>Grand</strong> <strong>Marquis</strong> Owners <strong>Manual</strong> Book Set - Pinterest

Mercury Grand Marquis Parts Replacement, Maintenance, Repair.

Step 4: With the belt now in place, use the 3/8 drive ratchet to turn the tensioner COUNTER CLOCKWISE, increasing the tension on the belt.

Mercury Grand Marquis Repair Service and Maintenance Cost

Once you remove the belt from the vehicle, SLOWLY release the tensioner back to its resting position.

Mercury grand marquis manual 2002:

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