Crime scene investigation and physical evidence manual

Physical Evidence Handbook - WILENET

When you're in the field at an actual crime scene, you don't need a book that tells you about all the different things that can be done on television; you need a manual that will guide you through the steps of processing the scene you're at rht now.


You need a manual that will tell you how to photograph your crime scene, how to document the evidence, how to collect measurements, how to process floors for footwear impressions, how to photograph fingerprints on difficult surfaces, how to use chemicals to brings up important evidence, and, most of all, how to put everything together into the finished product: a case ready to be presented in court.

<em>Physical</em> <em>Evidence</em> Handbook - WILENET

Forensic Services Guide - the Washington State Patrol

Eagle Crime Scenes, Inc., has taken an innovative approach to providing crime scene training.

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Too many crime scene processing manuals are full of theory with very little practical application.

Crime scene investigation and physical evidence manual:

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