Battle for middle earth 2 manual code

The Battle for Middle earth II Keys.

Infinite health for elves Create an elf hero with self-heal. When you want to click on it, do so but immediately move to another location. First, make a hero with no powers and then a second hero with the power desired (for example, an elf hero with Healing). Click on the hero with the single power, then go to the "Powers" menu.

Lord of the rings battle for middle.

Hero power transfer Use the following trick to give a hero any power(s) desired, but it requires some time and a lot of patience.

The <strong>Battle</strong> for <strong>Middle</strong> <strong>earth</strong> II Keys.

The Lord Of The Rings The Rise Of.

When you click "Customize", immediately press the quick switch key to your hero with no powers.

PC DOS/Windows - The orinal web.

When you enter the powers menu, the "hero" using the powers from the power menu will be the hero with no powers.

Battle for middle earth 2 manual code:

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