Vertex bs0 dividing head manual

Constant-time navation in four-dimensional nested

J I have made a little more progress on the model in between renovating my new machinery and sorting out Christmas lol.

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I've never cut gears before so there is something for me to learn before starting the head. I have a horizontal mill and a vertical so hope I can produce spur gears on either one.

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The base is together now and took me a couple of weeks to fabricate from scratch, the main base is a lump of cast aluminium from a Hemingway kit that was going spare in the shop.

Dividing Heads and Indexers - Model Engineering and

The tool tray/head support collar is made from steel bar and a lump of old cast iron from a garden sn, you can tell why I used the sn from the attocious spelling error on it.

Vertex bs0 dividing head manual:

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