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I am thinking of buying a used Dell Lattitude X1 because it is fanless. The Asus EEE PC seems nice but i read somewhere that it has a fan.. I almost got a X1, but I read they got so hot it melted the little feet on them.

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New <em>Dell</em> <em>Latitude</em> X1 12.1

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Maybe someone else can answer if you can boot up from compact flash on laptops that let you plugin cf cards. I got it today the latitude x1 and also a samsung ssd 16gb... absolutly no noise becouse there are no moving parts at all .. The temperature on the top and bottom is ~37 degrees celcius under normal browsing load.

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The eeepc does have a fan, though from reports it's almost inaudible (you would need to verify.) Be warned both of these have shrunken keyboards.

Dell latitude x1 user manual:

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