Hhb cdr 830 burnit plus manual

CDR830 BurnIT Quick Reference Guide - HHb

Ladies and gentlemen (and others--you know who your are...): I have a free-standing CD recorder from a few years back that uses those templated, so-ed "music" CDR discs.

Operating Instructions - HHb

(You know--the ones that were supposed to compensate for the lost royalties resulting from home copies...) They're great and, as most of us know, the free-standing CD-recorders do an infinitely better job of reproducing CD sound quality than any computer could ever hope to do.

Basic Operation; Disc Insertion And Removal; Drive Selection;.

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Unfortunately, those templated CDs are becoming more and more scarce.

Mpe.berklee.edu/documents/studio/manuals/stereorec/HHB CDR/HHBCDR.

Although I have 'em stockpiled, it'd be nice if I could use the garden variety CDRs that are widely available at places like Best Buy and elsewhere.

Hhb cdr 830 burnit plus manual:

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