Mitac 8640 service manual

MiTAC 8640 Recovery Disk ISO & Drivers - Restore

To access the second slot you first need to unclip the panel above the keyboard using a screwdriver with a thin blade.

User-Owner's Manuals and Service

This should reveal 3 screws which once removed will allow you to gently lift out the keyboard (be careful not to damage the cable).

User-Owner's <i>Manuals</i> and <i>Service</i>

GGW9200LL1 - User-Owner's

To find the correct drivers for your laptop search using the 5-dit MD number printed underneath your laptop.

ADG 8341/1 WH - User-Owner's

This laptop has two memory slots, one is accessed by removing the memory compartment cover underneath the laptop while the other is hidden under the keyboard and a bit harder to reach.

Mitac 8640 service manual:

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