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(For example, to type a F, press the 3 key three times.) Then wait about one second for the blinking cursor to move to the next space over, then type the next letter of the contacts name.

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____________________________________________________________________ 1) Press and hold the Speakerphone button (the shorter silver button on the left side of the upper part of the phone when the phone is opened) for about one second.

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The phone should redial the last number you dialed (and only the last number you dialed).

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[4) Press the Rht Arrow part of the silver Ring of Arrow keys until the correct phone number icon is displaying to the left of the name (such as the icon for Home Number, Work Number, Fax Number, Mobile Number 1, etc.), if that contact has more than one number.] 5) Press the green [Send] key to dial. 3) Press the OK key in the center of the Ring of Arrow keys.

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