Watlow 96 temperature controller manual

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Offering the utmost in integration and connectivity, the Series is comprised of Synergy Controller , the full sized Micro and the new 1/4 DIN Synergy Nano , both with touch screen and embedded Synergy Web Server Software for remote monitoring and control; Synergy Manager software for control and monitoring of multiple environmental chambers, the Synergy 488 ; offering GPIB, RS-232 and Ethernet communications communications for legacy test chamber controllers and the Synergy UUT (Unit-Under-Test) data acquisition module to expand the controllers data acquisition capabilities.

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The Synergy Controller and Synergy Series (patent-pending) of hardware and software products are desned to enhance the overall efficiency of the environmental testing process.

Continuous-Flow Grain Dryer - NECO

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The culmination of an extensive, multidisciplinary development process, the Synergy Series provides OEMs, test labs, re-builders/re-furbishers, and end-users alike with the industrys most comprehensive, single-source solution to exacting temperature and humidity testing requirements.

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Efficient mechanical convection directs air flow within the chamber.

Watlow 96 temperature controller manual:

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