Hp laserjet 3600 maintenance manual

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If none of the lock levers move on a side or if you don’t feel any tension then one of the cams is most likely broken.

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The lock slide levers should move fluidly with some resistance due to the springs on the actual lock levers.

Cartridge Not Engaged Error, HP color <strong>laserjet</strong> - Market Point

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If everything seems fine and reseating the cartridges doesn’t resolve the issue, remove them and watch the lock levers as you open and close the transfer assembly.

Cartridge Not Engaged Error, HP color laserjet - Market Point

The lock levers actually move with the transfer assembly so if you remove the transfer assembly you can leave the door open and move the transfer assembly holders up and down so the door doesn’t obscure watching the lock levers.

Hp laserjet 3600 maintenance manual:

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