Sears shallow well jet pump manual

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Set up was lht compared to most others... If you have any problems you have no choice but to buy a new pump. Replacement cost/time to purchase a likekind pump was in excess of $300 and more than a week. Physical Installation: The pump did not fit the 4"-on-center mounting holes on our well tank (it has 5"-on-center open mounts) with a foot on the motor. The pump includes a dedicated priming port for convenient volute ...

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The Everbilt 1/2 HP shallow-well jet pump has a pre-wired pressure switch 30/50 psi for automatic operation and self-primes after the housing is initially filled with water. Quality: build is OK but isn't standard C face motor (so I couldn't use the existing pump mount).

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The fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic pump housing resists corrosion. After installing and priming, The pump ran for about one minute, over heated and quit. I did some checking to find out what was wrong, and found the expansion tank pressure was at 35 psi, I reset it to 28 psi and the pump worked fine and has been doing good for about a month. Not only did the failure cost me the installation (twice) plus the $120 for the lost water, but the 2nd pump is performing very poorly as well. Pipe installation was strahtforward: 1-1/4" inlet, 1" outlet (NPT). We paid attention to LINE(white) and POWER (black) locations. Volume: it keep up with running a shower whichis what we need. The EFCWJ7 3/4 HP convertible jet pump can be utilized in shallow or deep well installations. Jet package included with pump well injector casting jet nozzle venture tubes and ...

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Sears shallow well jet pump manual:

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