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Moreover, when the engine runs unevenly or when trouble occurs. NOTE: The outer bearing race can be easily driven in by heating the mounting flange to about tooc, or by cooling the outer race with liquid hydrogen. Kingston cock Thermostat Fuel filter Fuel injection pump i ----... (3)When quick-charging, etc., disconnect either the battery terminal on the AC generator or the terminal on the battery. (5) Do not conduct any tests using hh tension insulation resistance. (6)Separating the regulator 1) To separate the regulator, remove the 12l3.0mm rivet which keeps the diode assembly and the brusess regulator in place, and the soldered joint of the L terminal.

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It is essential to check a wide range of operating conditions--such as installation on the hull and suitability of the ship's piping and propeller-and not just the engine itself. (6) Apply non-drying liquid packing around the outer surface of the oil seal, and insert the oil seal into the mounting flange while keeping the spring part of the oil seal facing the Inside of thfl case. J L--------..-------,r ---:--,r------rl To marn 11\Y bearing 'V' reeker arm - L. 12-21 Printed in Japan OOOOAOAI361 Chapter 12 Electrical System 4.



This is so as not to match the calked portion to the same point. Reassembly SM/GM(F)(C)-HM(F)(C) 5-2 Reassembly of the clutch (1 )Fit the oil seal, bearing outer races and shim(output shaft side) in the clutch case. (3)Drive the intermediate shaft into the clutch case. NO TE: 1) Fit thrust collar A so that the stepped surface faces the roller bearing side. (Refer to the circuit diagram below.) (2) Charge lamp When the transistor (Tr,) is on, the charge lamp key switch is turned to ON, and current flows to R,, R, and to Tr, to lht the lamp. (2) Remove the pulley nut, and pull out the rotor from the front cover.


One characteristic of a marine diesel engine is that its performance in a vessel is governed by its applicability to the vessel's hull construction and its steering system. Use this manual as a handy reference in daily inspection and maintenance. Printed in Japan OOOOAOAl36l Models 1 GM1 O(C) 2GM20(F)(C)3GM30(F)(C)3H M35(F)(C) A. Engine Model Name Plate and Clutch Model Name Plate . Stepped surface Output Chapter 10 Reduction and Reversing Gear 5. In this case too much current will flow, the IC regulator and diodes burn 0ut, and the wire harness will burn. Separate the rear cover from the stator (with the diode and brush holder).

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