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Exalt II Flip phone with 3.0" Display LG USA

Picture a phone you don’t have to work for, but that works just for you.

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One where the keys are large enough to push individually, where the content on-screen can be seen without squinting, and where every conversation can be heard the very first time. Sometimes the ringer doesnt go off even when i have it at full volume.

Exalt II Flip <em>phone</em> with 3.0

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LG’s Exalt II is easy to use and even easier to love. Text messages don't always come or go through with a full snal. I only charged it maybe once a week and to full charge. I just upgraded from the Exalt to the Exalt 2 and I love it, there a few less issues with the music player and the 5mp camera is way better than the 3mp camera on the Exalt, still, the camera doesn't come close to a 20mp found on smart phones but, I like the flip style.

Verizon lg camera phone manual:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates