Great wall v200 owners manual

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i see older used ones with decent kms under 10k all the time Because theyre cheap crap. Many European countries wont even allow these cars to be sold because they are sub standard.

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It's the perception of them that dictates resale. Assuming there is a support from a stealer, yes I would buy one. I hope my post will stop you, and anyone else looking to wast their time on a GWM vehicle.

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Im assuming they rid their parts of asbestos and probably made their vehicles safer during this time. But allow VW to sell cars that lie about emissions etc. I'm a pleb that reads the daily telegraph so I'm now a motoring expert hahahahaha So you have no idea but are prepared to make a post claiming to know all about them.... Have seen quite a few during my working time in EU Steed 5 aka our GW in Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Holland... Paid for itself 5x over and is used by the young apprentice.

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I know the great wall has sold tons of units and has been the top selling ute in china since 98, so im thinking the technology is probably pretty reliable. No I do t own one, don't plan on buying one But since they use proven drive trains (old mitisbushi tooling) They are actually reasonably reliable... It's not they are not allowed AFAIK it's just the ratio price vs. IMVHO – yes I have driven one – like an old Rodeo – the ratio what you pay and what you get is a good one.

Great wall v200 owners manual:

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