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BMW 7 Series E32 735i 735iL 740i 740iL 750iL 1988 1994 Service.

Really the only thing that can be removed from the car is the automatic selector cable, it has a metal piece to it, and a red piece at the end.

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I initially was going to buy all the small clips and springs for the current bracket and make into a clutch bracket but I didn't want to put the time into putting it together so I went on to bimmerforums classified and found a pedal assembly for pretty cheap.

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BMW 840ci 8-series coupe with manual transmission - Classic.

Last time I checked they were running around for 50$-100$ (The whole clutch and brake assembly.) Once you have that removed you need to remove the five bolts that are holding the bracket in place, which are at the corners, and one at the top of the bracket. The way I wired my car was that, every time I had to start the car the clutch pedal needed to be depressed. The brake switch made a connection to complete the circuit when pressed.

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Clutch, Pressure plate, Flywheel, Shifter Linkage, All the Required bushing, new transmission bolts, master cylinder, etc.

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