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The Nikon N65 (ed the F65 in Europe and Asia) is a 35mm film SLR that Nikon released in 2000. The camera can shoot 2.5 frames per second at shutter speeds between 30 seconds to 1/2000 second.

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The viewfinder covers 89 percent of the camera's view.

<strong>Nikon</strong> N2000 <strong>instruction</strong> <strong>manual</strong>, <strong>Nikon</strong> F-301 Manuel D'<strong>Instruction</strong>.

Nikon n65

Once I started using it I loved it, and I got to see why this whole community is so crazy over analogue cameras.

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The film advances by itself, so the only bad thing about that is that you cant multiple expose.

Nikon n65 instruction manual:

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