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I got my 4100 (essentially the same as the 5800) for free cause the guy who had it couldn't fure out how to fix it - I adjusted the pots and it was good to go. But I cannot locate the pots that you are talking about.

Fmc 5800 Wheel Balancer Manual Codes

The values should be between .39 and .6, and the manual specifies .53 as "preferred".

Model 8.6 and Model 8.7 Hh Performance Wheel Balancer.

Manual For John Bean Fmc 5800 -

Just adjust the pots until you get as close to .53 as you can get.

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They're two cube parts with little white slot screws on 'em. Enter F11 and let it spin - it'll read two numbers.

John beam 5800 manual:

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