Meat and poultry inspection manual

Meat Industry guide - Food Standards Agency

They do not specifiy authorize acceptable plastic materials, nor do they specify how plastic surfaces must be maintained.

Handbook for Small-Scale Poultry Producer. - Northeast SARE

Our research was first intended to develop means of disinfecting wooden cutting surfaces at home, so that they would be almost as safe as plastics.

UC-Davis Food Safety Laboratory Cutting Board Research - Faculty

Page 1 • 29- NBS Handbook 133 ºw Third Edition* U. S. Department.

We began our research comparing plastic and wooden cutting boards after the U. Department of Agriculture told us they had no scientific evidence to support their recommendation that plastic, rather than wooden cutting boards be used in home kitchens. S.) permit use of cutting boards made of maple or similar close-grained hardwood.

Importing Meat and Poultry Products Into the United States - AFDO

Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Manual (official regulations) and the U. Food and Drug Administration's 1999 Food Code (recommended regulations for restaurants and retail food sales in the various states of the U.

Meat and poultry inspection manual:

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