Meat and poultry inspection manual

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New plastic surfaces allowed the bacteria to persist, but were easily cleaned and disinfected.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Meat Inspection

Our safety concern was that bacteria such as Escherichia coli O157: H7 and Salmonella, which mht contaminate a work surface when raw meat was being prepared, ought not remain on the surface to contaminate other foods that mht be eaten without further cooking.

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Meat and Poultry Inspection Impact of USDA's Food Safety Proposal.

We soon found that disease bacteria such as these were not recoverable from wooden surfaces in a short time after they were applied, unless very large numbers were used.

Page 1 • 29- NBS Handbook 133 ºw Third Edition* U. S. Department.

We began our research comparing plastic and wooden cutting boards after the U. Department of Agriculture told us they had no scientific evidence to support their recommendation that plastic, rather than wooden cutting boards be used in home kitchens. S.) permit use of cutting boards made of maple or similar close-grained hardwood.

Meat and poultry inspection manual:

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