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Continue Reading There are several ways to fix a machine that will not spin or drain: Step 1: Perform a master reset This is the first thing a person should try.

Whirlpool WFS1073CD / WFS1273BD Questions & Answers

Unplug the washing machine, and leave it this way for about 1 minute.

<em>Whirlpool</em> <em>WFS1073CD</em> / WFS1273BD Questions & Answers

Why won't the Whirlpool washer spin or drain?

A Whirlpool washer may not spin or drain because the pump may be clogged, the breaker may have been tripped and simply needs to be reset, the washing machine lid may be defective, the motor coupler may be broken, a belt may be broken or the transmission isn't shifting properly.

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Another common cause of this malfunction is the computer inside the washer sending a fault code to the motor due to a load imbalance, an electrical spike or a problem with the computer itself.

Whirlpool wfs1073cd instruction manual:

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