Manual on violence against women

Prevention of violence against women and children - Training.

Violence against women is broadly defined as any act that is likely to cause physical, sexual, or psychologic harm or extreme suffering to a woman.

Violence Against Women - YWCA Canada

Violence can occur in the home, workplace, or community.

<i>Violence</i> <i>against</i> <i>women</i> survey - unece

Violence against women survey - unece

Example: Gender-based Violence Module for Police Training Curriculum, Uganda In 2009, a training module was developed for the Ugandan Police Force in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development to help develop officer ss to respond to cases of violence against women reported at police stations.

Gender and VAW Toolkit - Thoughtshop Foundation

The module requires 26 hours or approximately 6 hours per day conducted over 4 days, with topics tailored to increase officers’ knowledge, address negative attitudes and belief systems regarding gender-based violence to enable officers to develop necessary ss to effectively respond to violence cases.

Manual on violence against women:

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